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Monday, June 3rd (Bank holiday Monday) in the Townhall Newbridge 
more details to folow...

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First of all, we just want to thank you all for the support and for joining in the fun at CelticCon 

We are a small team of volunteers. We really are like a small family and we are really impressed with the artists and vendors this year. We thank you all for making it such a great lineup.


Firstly we ask you all to tag us in posts. Share reshare retweet us for the following few weeks. We really need support this year as we almost did not come back. It was a real struggle to fundraise and get this year's event going. We had a number of setbacks earlier in the year.

So please promote yourself on your socials and tag us and we will share and repost. We will try to post up some people but we have limited time this year.

We really survive on our reputation and our trying our best to promote everyone.


Our Newbridge Event is completely Free to the public paid for by JuneFest and Kildare County Council Arts Act Grant.

Last year's JuneFest Family Fun Day attracted up to 6,000 people. We can't guarantee these things with the weather and the new on-the-street layout this year.



#celticcon #junefest #junefestnewbridge

CelticCon @ JuneFest Newbridge 2024

Date: Monday, June 3rd, 11-5 pm

Venue: Newbridge Townhall

FREE Entry.

Proudly supported by Kildare County Council Arts Act Grant 2023.



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