At Celtic Con we love Cosplay! Its part of any good conventions staple diet and the blood sweat and tears that go into these out of this world Costumes needs to be shown off in all their glory. That’s why each year we hold the CELTIC CON COSPLAY COMPETITION!

Beginners Award

For those who have bought their costume or who altered or made a small percentage. To be judged out of 10 for Accuracy and Performance. Maximum of 5 extra points for use of props, make up/sfx and alterations to the costume.

Intermediate Award

25% made plus to be judged out of 10 for Details, Performance and Accuracy.


Professional Award

50% made plus to be judged out of 10 for Details, Performance and Accuracy.


Judges Choice

A unanimous decision between judges. Things to be considered: Best performance, 2nd place in other categories, stand out craftsmanship.


Best Young Cosplayer

The judges will select the best young cosplayer

Competition Judges



Empty Cosplay

Dark Wolf Cosplay


Celtic Con is proudly supported by the following.

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Funded as part of the Creative Ireland Laois programme.

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