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Exhibitors Info

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📢📣🎨Artist and Vendor call-out.🎊🎭🎨
We are very excited and planning great things  but the organizer's are keeping a close eye on Covid -19 developments and will respond with postponements as may be deemed necessary.












Tables prices same as 2019.
Artist/ Writer/ Small display (one table)  €30
Large Vendor Display (two tables) €50

Shared Tables are (one table) for €30 (€15 each half table) suitable for friends or students to gain experience. This is for groups with different artwork /prints/books /products.

All tables are standard 5" or 6" display tables.

Please bring your own table cloths or covering.


Bookings are taken without a fee. Just to hold your spot.

Fees will need to be paid at a later arranged time a number of weeks before the event to secure your place. Details by group email.


Payments can be made through PAYPAL (preferred) or bank transfer.

We are fully aware of the current situation. We are very flexible once you are in conversation with us. We can wait until payday or whatever you need once you are 100% coming. We prefer not to take cash on the day as it is messy, and can be lost or mixed up.


Full refund will be given if you give us enough notice and we can refill your place. If within 36 hours and we cannot fill your place, we will give you a spot on a future event. This is because we have associated costs with your place. We have hired tables etc.

Please email us as messages on social media can be missed.

Tables are a first come, first served basis but we will have a few people on standby if people pull out last minute.

But we prefer to have fresh faces mixed with our regular returning friendly faces.

CelticCon is a non-profit event everything goes into the events. But we always have a supported charity at each event and we also run a huge charity auction. Contribution is completely voluntary.

Please email us on as messages on social media can be missed, and we will give you more details.

Many thanks and Stay Safe.
CelticCon 2023 team.

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